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Dome Glamping

Join us for a night, or more glamping in our secluded remote Glamping Domes. Located on Braggs Island and Long Tickle iwithin Bonavista Bay North. 

Whale and Bird Watching

Join us for a full or half day whale and bird watching. Though whales are very seasonal our birds watching is spectacular year around. 

Resettlement Island Tour

Take a walk back in time as we explore the islands of resettlement. Hear the history and explore three beautiful islands that were once full communities. 

Cod Fishing

Have you ever caught a Cod Fish? Now you can experience the joys of reeling in your first cod! We can even filet it and package it for you take home with you. Or we can pull ashore and cook it up for with our add on Campfire meal packages. 

Special Occasion

Want to surprise a special person with a half day charter package followed by a Campfire meal on a seclude beach? We can arrange that for you. From Whale watching, to lobster boil up, and almost anything in-between we can make a day to remember. Why not add on night in our glamping domes to complete the perfect memory! 

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