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Photo Tour

Day one: Caribou

Newfoundland’s native species of deer, the caribou is closely linked to our culture and history. The
island is home to some 40 000 woodland caribou that are some of the largest in the world.
After an early start of your day we head into the interior of the island by four-wheel drive vehicle to
reach the caribous preferred haunts. *

Day two: Black Bear

Central Newfoundland is home to some of the largest black bear on earth.
Your guides will be taking you to some pre-scouted blinds to watch for these wary animals.*

Day Three: Moose

Though introduced to the island a little over 100 years ago moose have become one of the most iconic
animals of Newfoundland.
Today we head out to the woods and wetlands in search of the moose, monarch of the forest.*

Day four: On the Bay

Today we will spend in the boat exploring the spectacular coast of North -eastern Newfoundland with
likely encounters with the marine life that call these waters home. (Ie: whales, birds, sea scapes, to
name a few)*

Day Five: The Outport experience

On your last day with us we will visit some the most picturesque fishing villages you have ever seen.
These “outports” have been the life blood of Newfoundland for hundreds of years. You will find their
colours and charm a delight for the photographer. *

*Lunch, snacks, and beverages (non-alcoholic) will be provided. Supper will be back at the Hare Bay
Adventures café. After supper the lead photographer will lead the group through a review of the days

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