Jig or Reel: Cod Fishing Experience

Of all the fish species found around Newfoundland none are more closely associated to the island
then the atlantic cod. Here is your chance to fish not only for the iconic cod but also other ground
fish such as red fish and flounder. We can accommodate your preference of either traditional
handline or rod & reel. Have we cod your attention?

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About Us

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Email: harebayadventures@gmail.com

Phone: 709-537-2028

Cell: 709-424-3107

Mail: Box 15 Hare Bay, NL A0G 20P

     We are Renee, Duane and Gracie Collins and the Owners of Hare Bay Adventures. In 2017 we decided to return home to Newfoundland and Duane's home town Hare Bay after spending almost 12 years living in Churchill, Manitoba.

      2018 we launched Hare Bay Adventures to fulfill our passion of tourism and interpretation. We have over 15 years experience of guiding and interpretation  and an equal number of years of experience in customer service.


Let us be your guide as you set out on your adventures in Hare Bay!



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