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5 day

- All inclusive Fishing Package

From Brook to Bay

Join us for a 5-day all-inclusive fishing adventure. You will get a chance to fish for brook trout, Atlantic salmon, cod,
saltwater species and SHARK in central Newfoundland! This package includes everything, accommodations, food, gear
and the experiences, you just have to bring your personal belongings.

Day 1: Light Saltwater Tackle
Your adventure begins! Once settled into your accommodations we will head out for some light saltwater tackle action.
The coastal marine environment of Newfoundland is rich and diverse. Sea-run brook trout, cunnor, rock cod and winter
flounder are just a few species anglers are likely to encounter.

Day 2: Brook Trout
Newfoundland’s rivers and lakes are home to an abundant population of wild brook trout. These bejewelled northern
beauties are among the most eye-catching of trout. Wither you prefer fly or spin fishing the brook trout is a willing

Day 3: Atlantic Salmon
The King of the River awaits! The rivers of Newfoundland are one of the last strongholds of wild Atlantic salmon. With
flyrod in hand you will get to explore and fish some of the many salmon rivers of Central Newfoundland. Its time to test
your mettle against one of the worlds primer gamefish; Salmo salar, Salmon the Leaper!

Day 4: Cod Fishing
Of all the fish species found around Newfoundland none are more closely associated to the island then the Atlantic cod.
Today we head out the bay to fish for cod as well as other species like flounder and red fish. After a day on the water we
will spend the night in a comfortable cabin on Bragg’s Island, a historic resettled community.

Day 5: Shark Fishing
Today is the Day! We head out onto the North Atlantic in search of the Porbeagle Shark. Fast and powerful, the
Porbeagle can grow to over 700 pounds and ten feet in length. Its combination of speed and stamina make it a prized
gamefish, that will tax your brawn and brains! As evening approaches, we will head back to Hare Bay as you take in the
stunning coast and reflect on an amazing fishing adventure.

This is your chance to experience a fishing adventure like no other. Here in Central Newfoundland you can fish for brook
trout, Atlantic salmon, cod, a host of saltwater species and shark. All in a single week! Your professional guides have a
deep knowledge of the area’s wildlife and history that they will share with you. The setting is gorgeous, and the fish are
wild! What are you waiting for? Give us a call @ 1-709-537-2028 to book you adventure package. (Customized packages
also available)

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