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Get Outdoors but Stay Safe!

The Government of Newfoundland & Labrador has released a comprehensive plan that is designed to get Newfoundlanders back outside while keeping them safe and controlling the COVID-19 pandemic. At Hare Bay Adventures, we respect the Government guidelines in place and will absolutely adhere to all guidelines as they change moving forward. Fortunately, we are able to offer river adventures at most levels of alert safely and responsibly. The actual activities offered are going to look a bit different than what you are used to at Hare Bay Adventures, but you will still have an incredible outdoor adventure experience with the greatest river guides on the planet!

Safety At All Alert Levels

COVID-19 Safety at All Alert Levels

No Deposits or Advanced Payments Required - This is not a safety issue, but it is an important policy change to help everyone through these uncertain times. You can book your 2020 adventure with confidence without paying a deposit. You can also cancel at any time with only two hours' notice and there will be no cancellation fee at all.

We Cannot Accommodate Sick Clients - If you or anyone you are in regular contact with has had any symptoms that could be associated with COVID-19 within the previous two weeks, we are asking you to PLEASE stay home! We will have the same expectations with our guides and other employees. All clients and staff will be asked to sign a declaration of good health in addition to our normal client waiver.

Increased Sanitization - We have always prided ourselves in ensuring all our gear is properly sanitized, but this season we will be going far above and beyond.

  • Every single piece of equipment will be fully sanitized between uses - every paddle, every PFD, every boat, etc.

  • We will have hand sanitizer, tissues and no-touch garbages available at every counter, and every common area for our staff and clients.

  • Our washroom stalls will be sanitized between each use, and full washroom cleaning will occur before and after each departure.

  • Non-medical masks will be available for our tour clients

  • Online waivers will be accepted to prevent spread from clipboards and pens.

  • Every surface involved in the check-in procedure will be sanitized between customers



We will be at Alert 5 until at least May 10, 2020 (Official Guidelines)

Unfortunately in order to ensure the safety of our clients and staff, we cannot offer any services while the province is at Alert Level 5.


Our team is however busy working from home to take care of client needs, and also to sharpen our skills on the water as safety and physical distancing permit.

Please take care of each other and stay safe!


We will be at Alert 4 until at least May 11, 2020 (Official Guidelines)

At Level 4 it is still absolutely essential to maintain our "two household bubble" and to ensure physical distancing of 2m is respected for everyone outside of our bubble. The good news is that we can stay safe while still having amazing river adventures!

For all of our tour options below, all clients from each booking MUST be part of the same "bubble" as defined by the Government guidelines. Unfortunately it is NOT possible to book a guided trip with friends or family that are outside of your bubble. All tours will be private tours.

Clients that are at higher risk of complications due to COVID-19 will not be permitted to participate.


We will be at Alert 3 until at least June 8, 2020 (Official Guidelines)

At Level 3 we are still required to maintain a "double bubble with the addition of 6 more people to our Bubble. We will adhere to the guidelines and adjust our trips accordingly once they are determined. It is still important to do our best to maintain a minimum physical distancing of 2m with those outside of our bubble. The good news is that we can stay safe while still having amazing adventures!

For all of our tour options below, all clients from each booking MUST be part of the same "bubble" as defined by the Government guidelines. All tours will be private tours.


At Alert Level 2 we will be offering our full range of activities with only minimal noticeable differences. You can go by the trip descriptions available on our website and book with confidence that you will receive the same great experience.


We likely will not achieve Alert Level 1 during our 2020 Summer season (Official Guidelines)

At Alert Level 1 we are essentially at the "new normal".

Our enhanced COVID-19 safety precautions detailed above will still be in effect, but otherwise it will be business as usual with our full range of amazing river adventures.

IAll Newfoundland & Labrador residents are welcome, including those that may be at higher risk of complications due to COVID-19.






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