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See Newfoundland as it is meant to be seen: from the water! For hundreds of years Newfoundlanders have pulled a living from a unforgiving but rich sea. To do this they had to prefect a breed of boats that could handle the heavy work and the formidable North Atlantic. Assembled from the timbers of the boreal forest and built by skilled hands with knowledge passed down from father to son these unique watercraft became central to the cultural identity of Newfoundland. Now you can experience that story yourself. With your guide you will explore the shores of Hare Bay, stop in hidden coves, handline a cod (when in season), have a boil-up on a secluded beach, observe seabirds and marine mammals, try your hand at pulling an oar, and hear the stories of life in Northeastern Newfoundland. 


Gone Troutin’: Trout Fishing Excursion

  Trout fishing (locally simply called “trouting”) is a staple of life in outport Newfoundland. But it is far more than a way to a meal on the table. Trouting is a time to connect both with nature and your friends/family. It is a time to share stories and relax. This is your chance to stand on the shore of a local brook or pond and fish for wild brook trout perhaps the most beautiful trout species in the world, each one a bejeweled wonder. Your knowledgeable guide will ensure that while the trout may get away your memories of this special experience will not.



Off the End of the Wharf: Fishing for Cunnors

  Every person who grew up in Newfoundland has likely cast a hook off a wharf, dock, or rocky shoreline to catch one of the many species of saltwater fish that live close to shore. But the most well know is the cunnor. Though they look somewhat like a bass or sunfish they are actually a member of the wrasse family. They are plentiful, interesting looking, grow from six to twenty inches, and make for a very memorable fishing experience. If you want to have a little more insight in to what it is like to grow up in outport Newfoundland this is the hands-on experience for you.  This is the definition of an authentic experience!

On ice: Ice Fishing

Just because the water is frozen does not mean the fishing action has to end. The Hare Bay area offers many great locations to try your hand at ice fishing. At Hare Bay Adventures we focus on accessible locations and can tailor your experience to meet your needs. Whether it is brook trout, land-locked salmon, or smelt that you are seeking we can get you to the right locations. Our guide is experienced and knowledgeable of the local waters and ice conditions to ensure your safety while enjoying your fishing adventure. Hurry and book now; summer is coming! 


Cuffer around the Fire: Campfire meal


Join us a for campfire meal along the shore in Hare Bay. Watch the waves come in as you enjoy a evening meal prepared on the campfire. ( Examples of meals include, scallops, toutons, trout, cod fish, kippers, dessert. Exact meal to be discussed with guide prior to departure) 

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