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Hiking Adventures

Away in the Woods: Guided Hiking in the Coastal Boreal Forest

  How many times do you get a chance to walk across the point of collision of continents? On our hike you will! Get up close and personal with the geology of the Dover Fault. Touch the rocks that tell the story of super-continents being ripped apart and an ocean opening and closing. But this is only a part of the experience in store. Hike across a breathtaking coastline, get up close with the flora of the boreal forest, have some refreshments while surrounded by birdsong, and always be on the lookout for the wildlife that call this place home.

Duration: 3 hours

Maximum Capacity: 10

This is a moderate 3.5 km interpreted hike that will take you over a ridge and down along the coast through the boreal forest. Although there will plenty of stops please be prepared for elevation hiking and tree growth along the path. 

Recommend Gear: Comfortable hiking boots, rain gear, hat, sun block, sun glasses, insect repellent. Water will be provided at the start of the hike but please bring a reusable water bottle.  Light snack provided.  

Custom Adventures can be arranged.

Please call 709-537-2028 or email: and speak with our guide to make your adventure happen!

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