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The bays and beaches of The Shore are calling you. Let’s take a run out there! From when your guide picks you up in the morning until you are dropped off back in Gander for supper your day will be filled with the sights and stories of The Shore. Explore picturesque outport communities rich in the history of the people that still call this place home. Marvel at the stunning coastline that seems to reveal a new wonder around every turn. Put your toes in the sand of beaches that seem to go on forever. Keep an eye open for the wildlife that are part of this wild place. Come and discover The Shore.


Type of tour: guided car based with stops at points of interest.

Duration: pick-up at hotel in Gander at 8:45am arrive back in Gander at 5:30pm.

Lunch: included.

Group size: up to 3 people normally but arrangements can be made to accommodate for larger groups with advanced booking.

Cost: Call for rates and bookings!

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