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Hare Bay Adventures brings to life natural and cultural heritage of Newfoundland through various outdoor adventures. Exploring the coast of Hare Bay, learning about the local history and geological and natural environment that makes the area so special and stop for a boil up.

Through guided resettlement tours tourists will embark on the trails of many our the outer islands of Bonavista Bay North.  Our guide will point out different features of the area including the Dover fault, local plants and berries, with chance of animal and bird sightings and hear of stories of the past way of living in these remote communities.

Learn about a favourite outport activity, fishing. Our guide will set you up with all the required gear as you learn to catch a trout, or fish from the wharf to catch cunners. Hear the importance of this pastime and have a snack while enjoying the local landscape. During the season try your hand  at Salmon, trout of cod fishing. 

Humpback Whales

What We Offer

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